Facts about Co-op

  • We have classes for all ages from Preschool all the way up to Seniors in High School.  We also have a nursery for people to use when they are busy helping and/or teaching during the co-op day.
  • We meet once a week on Tuesdays and have a total of five class periods and a lunch break.  The lunch is divided by age so that your children can eat with the friends they meet, but we do ask that parents of children in the 2nd grade and under eat with their children or nearby so that they can monitor them.
  • You can sign up for as few as one class or as many as five, and you will be asked to help in proportion to your children’s participation.
  • There is a $140 registration fee per family that is used to cover cleaning fees, insurance, background checks, office supplies and equipment necessary for running the co-op.
  • Each class also has its own fee which is used to buy books and supplies for that class.  No one gets paid.
  • We have a limit to the number of students we are allowed by law to have in the co-op, so if you register late, you might not be able to join.  Also after our registration dates, and the classes fill you might not be able to get into the classes you desire.  The best way around this is to register early each year and volunteer to teach.   The type and number of classes offered is up to the volunteers that we get.
  • During your family’s co-op day, children must be assigned to and remain in the study hall when they are not registered for a class.
  • Children are not allowed to be in areas of the facility other than those to which we are assigned. The 4th floor office area is off limits and children should not be allowed to use the snack machines, go into the parking lot, outside the building, or wander the halls without adult supervision.
  • You must monitor your children’s progress on their homework assignments and ensure that they are fully prepared to participate in classroom activities. You are still their primary teacher and must take responsibility for directing their work at home.
  • Each parent will be required to work as assigned in some capacity during the co-op. The amount of work expected will be in proportion to the number of classes in which your children participate. (If your child(ren) take only one class you will be asked to teach/help in one class; if they take two or three classes, you will be asked to teach/help in two, and if they take four or more classes, you will be asked to teach/help in three classes. When making helper assignments, your preferences will be taken into consideration. However please keep in mind we cannot possibly fulfill everyone’s requests.
  • Families might occasionally be asked to help with setting up the Great Room, stacking chairs at the end of the day and/or taking down the tables in the Great Room.
  • The Co-op will be held Tuesdays from September 12th and ending May 15th, between the hours of 9:30 and 3:10. No classes November 7, November 21, December 26th, January 2nd, or  March 27th. This gives us one snow day. First Semester ends January 16th.
  • Our schedule is as follows

                  1st period       9:30

                  2nd period   10:30

                 3rd period    11:30 (for those with second lunch)

                                        12:10 (for those with first lunch)

                 4th period       1:10

                5th period       2:10

  • Each class period is 55 minutes in length.  We ask teachers, substitutes and helpers not to release classes early for any reason.
  • When you join, you are making the commitment to attend each week. You should make every effort to be there and on time. You are expected to fulfill your responsibilities as teacher and/or helper and during lunch, but may leave the premises when you are unassigned as long as you are available by phone in case of emergencies. If you have children in the nursery, you must take them with you.
  • If you are absent for any reason, you must call in to let us know for attendance purposes.  It is important that we have an accurate count of the weekly attendance so that we can make sure everyone is accounted for in cases of emergency and so that we have adult supervision in classrooms.  It is a safety issue, so we ask for full cooperation.
  • The $140 per family registration fee will be used to pay for the facility, printing/mailing costs, cleaning fee and other expenses of operating the co-op.  No one is paid.  Any monies left at the end of the year will be used by the church for maintenance, upkeep, and to help to offset other overhead costs.
  • The co-op is run strictly with volunteers. Teachers are not paid and charge only what is necessary for class materials and expenses.
  • The co-op is not a business with overhead.  Any funds paid for classes are NOT refundable. Your registration form and fee are your commitment to participate in the co-op and likewise are not refundable.
  • You must pay half of all class fees at class registration and orientation. The other half of the class fees are due by/on the first co-op day in September before your children will receive their materials.
  • Session One of Class registrations (for those who have registered and paid the registration fee)  will be handled in person, June 27th at Covenant Church at 10:00 for teachers and 2:00 for families. Any teachers that have curriculum are asked to bring it and stay for the family registration so parents can see the materials being used. If you are unable to make the registration and new family orientation, you can either have someone else to register your children for classes and pay the class fees in your absence.
  • Late registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until August 20th or we meet our maximum number of students or our class limits have been met.   To register, fill in the Family Registration Form.  You will be contacted to work out the details of your schedule.  Families who register late must attend a new family orientation at 11 on July 11th at Covenant Church.
  • After the class registrations, there will be a two week period in which you will be able to make changes to your schedule. After July 31st, you can make changes, but will not be refunded monies paid for dropped classes.