When does co-op meet?

We operate on a 30-week schedule. We start in early September and finish up in early May with a generous break over Christmas. Our day begins at 9:30am and we finish at 3:10pm providing 5 class periods that are 55  minutes long. We also have 2 lunches that are 45 minutes long and are grouped by age. We meet on Tuesday each week.


Is this co-op Christian or secular?    

We are a non-denominational Christian co-op.  For a complete statement of faith, please see the link on the main page.


Do you have to teach?

You can decide if you want to teach a class or if you’d rather be a helper. You will be assigned as a helper based on how many periods your child is attending co-op. If you are here a full day, you will be assigned to help in 3-4 classes.


Is it expensive?

Our class prices only cover materials used to teach your child. Teachers are not paid in any way. All class fees are based on prices for books, materials, supplies etc. which make our co-op extremely affordable. We do have a registration and cleaning fee which total $140 for the year.


Age limits?

We have classes beginning at Pre-K and extending through high school! We even have a nursery for your baby when you are teaching and/or helping in classes! All of these classes are run by moms just like you!


Dress code?

We do have and enforce a modesty-based dress code.

*Shorts musts be at least to the bottom of fingertips when your arms and fingers are extended on your sides. Dresses/skirts must be at least 2 inches below that. Bicycle shorts or leggings  cannot be worn as pants but must be covered by a shirt, dress or skirt that is to the fingertips. No spaghetti straps or thin tank tops (at least 3 fingers wide). No off the shoulder shirts or dresses even if accompanied by an undershirt. No hats with brims, sunglasses, skin tight pants or revealing clothes.  


Do I have to buy the curriculum and supplies if I teach?

You provide an extensive list of books and supplies needed and the co-op will purchase them for your class. No need for you to front money for the purchase.  However, if you purchase supplies yourself, you must turn in receipts within 60 days to get a reimbursement.  


Background checks?

As a ministry of Covenant Church, background checks are completed for all adult members. Each class has a teacher and a helper for extra precaution and safety for all.


Bad Weather Policy

JCCH follows the Jefferson and Berkeley County Public School closures for inclement weather. 

Who do I contact when I or my children are sick?

If you or your children are not able to make it to co-op because of illness or injury, please call 304-876-2212 x 124 and leave a message.  If you are a teacher, please also make arrangements with your helper or another competent adult at the co-op to take your place then notify the desk at 304-876-2212 x 124 of your arrangements.  When you call, please indicate classes in which you help or teach and any other duties or assignments for which you will not be available.


Can I leave during the co-op day?

If you, as the parent, are not assigned a duty during part of the day, you can leave the campus as long as you sign out and leave a number where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.  However, if you have young children, ages 3 and under, you must take them with you.  The liability of having your young children on campus without you in attendance is too great.

What Jobs might I be asked to do?

The biggest need is for people to offer to teach one or more classes during the year.  Since this is the hardest and most time consuming job, we reward our teachers with an earlier class registration.  And teachers of two or more classes get a discount on the registration fee.

We also need classroom helpers, people to help put aways tables and chairs in the Great Room at the end of the day, lunch room monitors, nursery workers, etc.